Friday, June 18, 2010

Souffle Fest

This week in class we went Souffle crazy. We made every type of souffle imaginable: chocolate, pistacio, raspberry, cranberry, flourless, flour-based, passionfruit, walnut, praline, and carmel pear. After consuming way too many souffles I decided that I like the good old chocolate flour-based souffle the best...I also decided that I need to stop eating so many souffles and go on a diet.

Tips for Making the Perfect Soufflé
-Add a few drops of fresh lemon juice to egg whites before you beat them for extra volume.

-The butter used for coating ramekin should be at room temperature.

-Be generous when coating the ramekin with butter and sugar

-When using an electric mixer to beat egg whites, set it on medium-low speed (not high speed) to build more volume.


Lisa said...

Souffle is my favorite!! Remember when we got it every night on the cruise? Can't wait to try yours!!

Nadine said...

Way to go Kristi,
You are living my dream: New York, culinary school, Broadway.
I am so proud of you and your accomplishments.

Marie said...

this looks amazing!

Carli said...

i can't wait till i come to NY and you make me one of these delights!