Sunday, December 19, 2010

Cookie Craze

Nothing is better than homemade cookies. In class we went on a cookies craze and made a wide assortment of cookies....which were a huge hit for the holidays.

The cookie spread included lemon squares, pistachio macarons, sicilian fig cookies, mamoul, biscotti napoletani, american biscotti, linzer augen, macaroons, chocolate chip cookies, spritz cookies, palets aux raisins, amandines, spicy oatmeal cookies, rogaliki, and almond tupipe. My personal favorite were the classic chocolate chip cookies and the rogaliki.

Lemon Squares

Chocolate Chip Cookies

Rogaliki Cookies

Pistachio Macarons

Checkerboard Cookies

American Style Biscotti


Spritz Cookies

Mexican Wedding Cookies

Pistachio Macarons

Friday, November 26, 2010

Miroir Myrtille

In class I made this beautiful cake--Miroir Myrtille. The cake consists of two layers of genoise, blueberry bavarian cream, and a blueberry nappage to top it off. You may be asking yourself "what does that even mean?" Let me break it down for you. Genoise is an Italian sponge cake that is moistened with flavored syrup. Bavarian cream is a mixture of cream whipped to a soft peak, sweetner, flavoring (in this case it is blueberry puree), and gelatin to give it a little more body. The top layer is a nappage made of blueberry puree, currant jelly, and gelatin. All of these components sums up to one incredible cake!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

NYC Chocolate Show

This past weekend my friend Kate and I went to the New York City Chocolate Show. The 13th annual New York Chocolate show is the largest event in the United States dedicated to chocolate. I was in heaven! I spent a good three hours eating all types of chocolate. The highlight of my day was meeting the famous Jacques Torres. Jacque was very friendly and even called me 'mademoiselle'. It was such a fantastic day of eating and learning about chocolate. I was a little sick by the end but it was worth every bite

Me and Jacques Torres

Chocolate from Tokyo

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Birthdays and Butterflies

A couple of weeks ago I went down to Washington, DC to help my sister Lindi of Love the Day plan my niece's butterfly birthday party. Lindi did an amazing job with the design and presentation of the party. It was a fantastic weekend doing what I love most--hanging out with my sisters, planning parties, and baking desserts.

Menu: mini blueberry pies, vanilla cream cookies, chocolate mousse, lemon curd tarts, and pastel marshmallows.

Cake: Rene Takes The Cake
Ruffle Garland: Hank And Hunt
Fairy Costumes: Halo Heaven
Flower Headbands: The Little Pea
Photography: Jon and Melissa Smith

Friday, November 5, 2010

More Cake Please

Cake has been the topic in class for the last two weeks. Dobostorte, Chiffon, Genoise, Angel Food, Ruhrcken, Kilt-Torte; you name it, we made it. Below you will find what has been coming out of the kitchen these days!

Chocolate Genoise Caramel Cream
(caramel cream filling, enrobed in ganache, finished with caramelized hazelnuts)

Strawberry & Cream Genoise
(whip cream frosting and strawberries)


A Hungarian-style cake with a combination of thin cake layers, chocolate buttercream and a caramelized top disk layer.


Rehrucken means 'saddle of venison' and is baked in a mold that resembles venison after it has been rolled and tied.

Cinnamon Angel Food Cake


Named for the Viennese Secession artist Gustav Kilmt. Gustav Kilmt cake is a specialty of the Cafe in Park at the Vienna Hilton.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Long Overdue

I don't even know where to begin. Work was pretty crazy this last month and I haven't been unable to post the fabulous things I have been making and learning in class. Cake has been the new theme of the section I just started. Making and decorating cakes has been such a blast and I look forward to every class. There is just something about cakes that creates a feeling of excitement. I think it is because all birthdays, weddings and most other celebrations involve a cake. I'm not the only one who is excited about making cakes, my work is thrilled that I bring a cake into the office three days a week.

Horseradish Grill Chocolate Cake, Ganache Beurre Praline Filling, Ordinary Ganach Glaze
(covered in chopped hazelnuts and chocolate shavings)

Lemon-Scented White Cake, Lemon Buttercream Icing, Raspberry Filling

Apple Strip
(Puff Pastry, Almond Frangipane Filling, Golden Delicious Apples, Apricot Glaze)

Gateau Pithiviers
(Puff Pastry & Almond Frangipane)

Pound Cake