Friday, November 5, 2010

More Cake Please

Cake has been the topic in class for the last two weeks. Dobostorte, Chiffon, Genoise, Angel Food, Ruhrcken, Kilt-Torte; you name it, we made it. Below you will find what has been coming out of the kitchen these days!

Chocolate Genoise Caramel Cream
(caramel cream filling, enrobed in ganache, finished with caramelized hazelnuts)

Strawberry & Cream Genoise
(whip cream frosting and strawberries)


A Hungarian-style cake with a combination of thin cake layers, chocolate buttercream and a caramelized top disk layer.


Rehrucken means 'saddle of venison' and is baked in a mold that resembles venison after it has been rolled and tied.

Cinnamon Angel Food Cake


Named for the Viennese Secession artist Gustav Kilmt. Gustav Kilmt cake is a specialty of the Cafe in Park at the Vienna Hilton.


Lisa said...

Are you kidding Kris..this looks totally amazing! The Dobo thing looks soo good and I love anything chocolate you create….

Lisa said...

The strawberry and cream looks delicious too!!

Lisa said...

The cinnamon looks great too!!

Lisa said...

Oh and you look so cute!!

Big Wade said...

Ooh that looks so good. It all looks great.

Diane CaƱate said...

Can I get some of that Klimt-Torte shipped to Seattle?!

James and Melissa said...

I like the cake that looks like venison! And I shouldn't be looking at this on a fast Sunday!

Mandi and Ror said...

I will take two of each please!!

lovetheday said...

That Strawberry & Cream Genoise looks absolutely divine. I am totally craving. Will you please drive down and make me one?!

Anonymous said...

Everything looks so amazing.. The techniques you are learning are things you will use your whole life!!