Sunday, November 7, 2010

Birthdays and Butterflies

A couple of weeks ago I went down to Washington, DC to help my sister Lindi of Love the Day plan my niece's butterfly birthday party. Lindi did an amazing job with the design and presentation of the party. It was a fantastic weekend doing what I love most--hanging out with my sisters, planning parties, and baking desserts.

Menu: mini blueberry pies, vanilla cream cookies, chocolate mousse, lemon curd tarts, and pastel marshmallows.

Cake: Rene Takes The Cake
Ruffle Garland: Hank And Hunt
Fairy Costumes: Halo Heaven
Flower Headbands: The Little Pea
Photography: Jon and Melissa Smith


Lisa said...

Wow this party is amazing! The food is perfect. I love the lemon curd tarts and the little blueberry pies are priceless. I also love the colored home-made marshmallows. Great Job!!

cindy said...

What a beautiful setting for the party. I wish I could be that creative.

come visit me at my blog

I want to follow you to see what other goodies are around the corner.


Anonymous said...

wow what beautiful food! i wouldn't even want to eat it because it looks so beautiful! not to mention delicious. wow, excellent job. two thumbs up!

Carli said...

yum kris! this looks so tasty i wish i wuld have been there to eat it! definitely on my must try list.

Anonymous said...

This is a beautiful party! The food is so pleasing to the eye.

Anonymous said...

I could eat one of those little blueberry pies this instant! Nice work.

lovetheday said...

I can testify that this food tasted even better than it look. So, so yummy. I had two of everything (don't judge). Amazing job Kristi!

Mandi and Ror said...

This is the most beautiful food I have every seen. It is too pretty to eat!