Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Eat Your Tart Out

This week in class we made tarts. My favorites were the fruit, lemon curd, and chocolate. The fruit tart is made with Pate Brisee, a light and flaky crust, then filled with pastry cream and decorated with fruit. The chocolate tart is made with Pate Sablee, a rich and crumbly crust, then filled with a rich ganache and topped with a hazelnut and chocolate shavings. The lemon tart is also made with Pate Sablee then filled with lemon curd and finished with meringue. I thought they all turned out to be adorable and great for many occasions.


Lisa said...

Wow, these are the cutest little tarts I've ever seen. Every one of them look amazing. Great job Kris.

lovetheday said...

I can't wait to see these tart in person! Only one more weekend!!!

Alex, Chelsea, and Tessa said...

So my mom just told me about your blog!! I love love love it. Except it makes me want to eat, which is sometimes a bad thing. They all look amazing!!

Carli said...

Those tarts are fancy! oh man. the fruit design looks DELICIOUS as well. yummmm

Big Wade said...

Hey Krisser, love the treats. You have to bake some when you come home to the mother ship.

missesbarlow said...

kristi you are sooo talented! and i think i'm salivating... better go wipe off this drool on my face. hope all is well doll! xo

Lisa said...


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Jean said...

Wow! Kristy! I LOVE your blog! How I wish I could be your "Official Taster"!!!
It all looks fabulous!!!!

Arliss said...

Kristi, I loved reading your blog! My mouth is salivating, my tummy is rumbling and my nose is even trying to get in the act. Wow I loved looking at those cakes but I am really ready to EAT ONE!!! Keep up the good work.
Love Mom W.