Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Last week in class we learned about cheesecake. I had no idea that there were so many different styles and types of cheesecakes. The two main types we focused on and made were American and European style.

American-style cheesecakes are usually made with a cream cheese and have a bottom crust made from pastry dough or a crumb mixture. The cheesecake is baked in a pan of water to insulate them from too much bottom heat. American style cheesecake has a dense, rich, creamy texture.

European-style cheesecakes are usually made from a curd cheese, such as ricotta or farmers cheese. and are surrounded by a sweet crust and often have a top crust as well.

-Have all ingredients at room temperature

-Mix only until ingredients are smooth, avoid over mixing

-Avoid over baking. The center of a cheesecake can remain slightly liquid when out of the oven- retained heat will continue to heat the center.

-Immediately after removing from oven, loosen the top edge of American-style cheesecake from the inside of the pan with a knife. This will avoid the surface to crack.

-Cool cheesecake to room temperature and refrigerate overnight before attempting to unmold.


Laura Cañate said...

I love European-style cheesecake, in fact it is the only cheesecake that exists in my world!

Diane Cañate said...

European-style cheesecake is the best! I had my first taste of it at a french restaurant in SLC called Franck's. I used to think I hated cheesecake. Turns out I was just eating the wrong type.

Wade said...

These look really great Kristi,,You know I love cheesecake.

Lisa said...

Kristi, I love European-style cheesecake. The cheesecakes you made are just beautiful. Great Job!!

lovetheday said...

I love European-styly cheesecake. I ate WAY too much when I lived in Paris. Great post Krist!

Melanie said...

Kristi, I am so glad you are loving culinary school...good for you! So glad I heard about your blog so I can follow what you are up to. Tell Jordan hi!

Save the Date for Cupcakes said...

Everytime I come here I want to join a baking class! Or bake some yummy desserts!

kate said...

This is TORTURE to look at Kristi!!!