Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Mastering the art of tempering and molding chocolate takes a lot of practice but is definitely a skill worth developing! When making homemade chocolates, proper tempering is the key to create a beautiful sheen shell. Tempering varies depending on what type of chocolate you are using; whether it be white, semi-sweet, or milk.

Here is a helpful chart from Felchlin, one of my favorite chocolate companies located in Switzerland describing tempering different types of chocolate. Happy molding!

caramel sea salt candy bars

hazelnut ganache centers for enrobed chocolates

molding white chocolate


Lisa said...

Beautiful Kristi!! Wow home-made candy bars!! What could possibly be better?

lovetheday said...

As a personal tester of these chocolates, I can attest that Krist has mastered the art of tempering! Her hazelnut-filled chocolates are ridiculous!

Big Wade said...

I would love to be a personal taster. I bet it taste as good as it looks.

Anonymous said...

This all looks amazing! What fun to work with chocolate.